Statement of Intent:

  • The Members agree that the business intent for the creation of the Association is to co-operate in the development of broad standards and/or vehicles that facilitate the current and future electronic transactions in support of health benefits administration.
  • The Members agree that the Association shall serve as a forum and structure for raising and resolving non-competitive issues of mutual concern.
  • Membership in the Association is open to all claims adjudicators whether they are profit or not for profit organizations.

Purpose of the Association:

  • to work with various professional associations in establishing mutually acceptable technical standards and working arrangements;
  • to facilitate the exchange of health-oriented benefits data, which data shall not include data relating to an identifiable individual, between Members and the health-oriented professions;
  • to encourage and support a high level of service to health professionals through common and easy to use data transaction vehicles;
  • to facilitate the participation of new Members in the Association;
  • to disseminate technical materials, operating materials and other information of interest to Members;
  • to assess common needs of Members and collaborate to assess opportunities where synergies may be derived from collective consideration or funding.